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Solitaired: Our flagship gaming platform with Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Freecell, and over 500 other games.

I'm a Puzzle

I'm a Puzzle: The best jigsaw playing and creation platform on the Web.

Solitaire Bliss &

Solitaire Bliss: The classic Solitaire experience, with a number of Solitaire games, including Solitaire, Spider, 40 Thieves, and Our Spanish language site.


Word Hurdle: Originally known as Wordle2, Word Hurdle is a fun word guessing game for 4, 5, and 6 letter words. In addition, the newly launched Phrazle game takes word games one step up, with real phrases!

About us

We focus on building the highest quality games across verticals. Our games engage and educate, and we attract gamers across the age and skill spectrum.Unwind Media was founded by Neal Taparia and Darshan Somashekar, long time friends and entrepreneurs. Neal and Darshan founded Imagine Easy Solutions, a portfolio of citation tools (including that was acquired by Chegg in 2016. Prior to that, Darshan co-founded, a file-sharing site acquired by Facebook in 2010.


Neal Taparia

I co-founded and bootstrapped Imagine Easy Solutions, an edtech business used by 30 million students yearly. After selling the business to Chegg (NYSE: CHGG) and working as an executive there, I started SOTA partners to invest in startups, as well as founded Unwind Media.I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in economics and religion, and worked at Lehman Brothers as investment banker out of college.

Darshan Somashekar

I am a serial tech entrepreneur. I co-founded, a media sharing startup that was acquired by Facebook in 2010. I also co-founded Imagine Easy Solutions, a research and citation platform, which was acquired by Chegg in 2016. There, I served as Chegg’s VP of Product for its newly-formed Writing Tools group until my departure in mid-2019. In addition to being a founder of Unwind Media, I am a venture partner at TMV.I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Public Policy & American Institutions. After graduating, I worked as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company in New York until 2007.

Assaf Cohen

After working in Morgan Stanley and a few smaller start-ups, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream and simply make games.It's always thrilling to see how games are truly universal, they can bring together people from all around the world across the language and culture barriers.Creating a fun and safe environment that millions of people can enjoy every day is really what makes me tick.

Emry DowningHall

I started in digital advertising as the 1st employee at Imagine Easy Solutions (IES), a bootstrapped EdTech startup where figuring out our ad monetization provided an opportunity to grow and scale our business.In 2016, IES and Study Break Media, which I began as our media rollup while working at IES, was acquired by Chegg. At Chegg, I served as the Vice President of Advertising focused on programmatic ad strategies bringing Chegg’s amazing tools and services to students as affordably as possible.I’m a proponent of the open internet and believe advertising done right is a great value exchange for democratizing information, tools and services. I was an early adopter of header bidding technology/strategy and the 5th publisher to join in 2019.

Mike Miller

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Computer Science in 2009. Since graduating I’ve worked as a full stack developer in companies ranging from small startups to large public companies.I love learning about all things tech, but especially understanding how people use the software I create and using that knowledge to deliver value.In my free time I enjoy playing Chess, getting outside and spending time with my wife and son.

Carson Banov

I am a mechanical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech, and I've found my passion building with code. I'm an advocate for open source and my contributions to Prebid.js are stored in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault. I love bringing ideas to life and building fun games. Some of my favorite games include Starcraft II, Super Smash Bros., and lately Mario Kart and iRacing. Offline I enjoy soccer, mountain biking, working on my camper van, and tinkering with drones and microcontrollers.



Our goal is connecting our audience with the games they love, whenever and wherever they want to play in a brand safe manner. Advertising makes that possible and combines highly viewable formats with a favorable user experience.Platform Reach:
+99% organic traffic
+4.5 million games played daily
+30 million annual users
Engagement & Growth:
+400% YoY session growth
The average user plays over 7 games per session
Users return to our platform over 8x/monthly
Average time on site is +20 minutes per session
Advertising Opportunities:
Our display advertising includes a variety of IAB standard sizes with +85% average viewability.
Video is 405x300 dismissible out-stream with a +90% completion rate and +90% viewability.Moments are full screen, high-impact advertising (video and display) opportunities occurring at moments of value exchange with the user.Contact:
If you'd like to discuss a direct campaign, PMP or partnership opportunity we'd love to chat. Please use the contact form below.

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